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Американский, ну очень средний, средний класс

The numbers seem to back it up. Americans' average wealth tops $301,000 per adult, enough to rank us fourth on the latest Credit Suisse Global Wealth report. But that figure doesn't tell you how the middle class American is doing.
Americans' median wealth is a mere $44,900 per adult -- half have more, half have less. That's only good enough for 19th place, below Japan, Canada, Australia and much of Western Europe.
"Americans tend to think of their middle class as being the richest in the world, but it turns out, in terms of wealth, they rank fairly low among major industrialized countries," said Edward Wolff, a New York University economics professor who studies net worth.
Why is there such a big difference between the two measures?
Super rich Americans skew average wealth upwards. The U.S. has 42% of the world's millionaires, and 49% of those with more than $50 million in assets.

Средняя величина богатства американца - 301 000 долларов на человека - 4 в мире. Но если посмотретьна медианную - уже 19 место, хуже погрязшей в кризисе Испании и на уровне не очень богатого Израиля. Почему так? Расклад-с! Бонусята делают своё дело

И, вдогонку, оттуда же:
Median household income was $51,017 in 2012, compared to $56,080 in 1999, according to the Census Bureau's most recent statistics.
За почти полтора десятка лет доходы американцев (с учетом инфляции) даже упали.

И наконец:
There are many reasons why middle class incomes are suffering, including the decline of unions' power, the shift of jobs overseas and the increasing use of technology in the workplace, said Kenneth Thomas, professor of political science at University of Missouri, St. Louis.
Also, Americans have to pay more out of pocket for basics, such as health care and higher education, reducing their ability to build their nest egg.
"Middle class families haven't been able to save anything," Wolff said.

Стригут овечек, собирая дань за образование и плату за кровь (здоровье). Выясняется, что и подавление профсоюзов не привело к увеличению доходов, про что нам талдычат экономисты, а ровно наоборот - ослабление профсоюзов привело к падению доходов и уровня жизни. Все равно отмена профсоюзов НЕ создает рабочих мест - они как создавались в Китае, так и будут оставться там или в какой-нибудь Индии.

Оригинал взят у kilativ в Американский средний класс</div>
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